Folder project, Ampio

For the company Ampio we created a catalogue presenting the company itself and their product AMPIO Smart Home. The aim was to refresh their previous catalogue, so it would fit the taste of architects, would be modern, and indicated knowledge of trends. It had to be light, minimalistic and with a designer’s touch. Due to the various technological aspects of this product, it was not clear how to show the advantages of the system in a simple and attractive way. How to efficiently showcase the functionality, which is essential to the recipients of the catalogue. Key was the constant cooperation and consultations with the client, so that we would clearly understand their vision and the product. The next stage was an attempt how to represent it, as a folder, in the most attractive and intelligible way. In the meantime, we also collaboratively created aesthetic mood-boards, to find the key visuals of the folder. Lastly, the production turned out just as we imagined it to be.

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