Presentation project, CUPRA

CUPRA is a new, sporty, and yet a lifestyle sub-brand of SEAT, which entered the Polish market in March of 2018. For our Client, we prepared a graphic casing for the marketing action strategy presentation, when introducing the brand in Poland. Our aim was to convince the customer – Volkswagen Poland – that Motorpol Wrocław does not just understand the philosophy of CUPRA but will also promote the brand in trailblazing ways. The main goals were to present the beauty, determination and bravery that CUPRA represents.
Thanks to the cooperation between our Client’s team, a creative agency and designers from Adspringer, we managed to create a presentation project, which conveys the brand feeling, highlights its iD and links back to the dynamic key visuals. The graphic entailing, then, apart from substantive value is linked to the guiding motive that is symmetry/mirroring.